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FOLLOWING THE disturbing news that Saddleworth Independent group Councillor Mike Buckley has been found guilty of possessing indecent images of children will he now resign from the Parish Council?

Will his independent group colleagues also put pressure on him to resign since they all stood in the recent elections as “Saddleworth Independents” and campaign together with joint literature etc. and so cannot claim they are not a group affiliated with each other in order to try and dodge the issue?

A concerned Dobcross Resident (by email)

THESE COLOURFUL and delicate green finches were spotted by keen photographer Cyril Fogg as they fluttered around his garden in Grasscroft…

But his visitors did not quite see eye to eye, perhaps as they squabbled over the tasty treats left out on the bird feeder.

p8 cyril fogg Green Finches S

See more images taken by Cyril on his new website:

MEANWHILE, in Uppermill, a stunning skyline was captured by Julian Taylor on Christmas Eve as the village was bathed in glorious light.

p8 uppermill sky julian taylor

I BELIEVE the proposed move and modernisation of Uppermill Post Office can only be a positive thing and I hope it goes ahead.

It is vital we keep local services in our local villages – Uppermill is such a key location for residents across Saddleworth to get to and should retain these services.

I am worried though about the accessibility for wheelchair users etc, as the Little Shop, like the Post Office, is fronted by steps.

Surely there is something that can be done about this? It’s so important we make our voices heard in the consultation period about this issue so we go ahead with the best possible solution.

Positive about change, Uppermill (by email)

WHY DOESN’T someone get a grip of uncaring groups of cyclists who clog our roads at the weekends?

I’m a cycling fan (although I’d rather watch the races on TV rather than ride in my senior years) but the road manners of these current wave of cyclists is disgraceful.

For example, a couple of Sundays ago, I was making my way through Uppermill to Greenfield when I was confronted by a group of cyclists.

Some were riding three abreast chatting to each other taking up the whole of the roadway.

That was bad enough – but when we reached Chew Valley Road, me dawdling along in their wake, they spread out creating a snaking crocodile two or three abreast, without a care for the growing line of motorists trailing along behind.

Luckily, I was turning off to Dovestone so I didn’t have to suffer their continued antics. Get a grip cyclists or get off the road!

Penny farthing, Grasscroft (by email)

THE CHRISTMAS light displays across our villages certainly created a comforting, reassuring festive feel in an increasingly troubled world.

But perhaps more residents will join in next year and spread the lights further afield instead of just focusing on the centre of communities?

Tinsel lover, Springhead (by email)

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