Weather forecast: Thursday October 22 – Sunday October 25

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Jon Baylis has had a passion for the weather since the age of six, when he experienced extreme cold winters to blazing hot sunshine and torrential thunderstorms while living in America.

Using his own personal weather station to record statistics including temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed, gusts, and direction, he provides forecasts across Oldham.

Here, he gives a brief outlook for the weather over the next few days.

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Well would you believe it. The newspapers, sorry trash-mags, are at it again. “It’s going to snow next week”; “It’s going to be the coldest, snowiest winter for 50 years” and of course what we all want “A White Christmas”.

What a load of nonsense, putting it politely. It’s nothing but guesswork and in a word ‘lies’ in order to sell papers and get everyone talking.

In truth, no-one knows what this coming Winter will be like and yes I personally would love a White Christmas and several feet of snow; but all I can do is hope. There are no facts and proof that all the media stories hold any truth.

So, no snow on the horizon just yet 🙂 but what can we expect the coming 4 days and into next week.

A cloudy start to Thursday with some local drizzle or light rain around. Generally a drier picture after that with sunny spells. Feeling cooler than Wednesday with the odd afternoon shower possible. Breezy. Max 13°C.

Friday will be quite similar. A little ridge of high pressure settles things down, so bright spells and mainly dry. Just a very low risk of an isolated shower. Light winds. Max 13°C.

The weekend will not start well as a band of rain spreads in from the north-west on Saturday with some heavy bursts and gusty winds. This will sink south and leave some drizzle behind it for a few hours. Eventually drying up into the late-afternoon or evening.

Gusty south-westerly winds for a time then switching back north-westerly and easing slightly. Not much difference in temperatures to previous days but it will turn cooler later on. Max 13°C.

A colder feel to Sunday with bright spells and some scattered showers. A chilly breeze across the region but looking a better day than Saturday. Temperatures down a notch. Max 11°C.

Looking ahead into next week the Atlantic is pretty much back in charge bringing spells of wet and windy weather but with sunny spells and drier interludes either side of low pressure systems.

Thanks for reading, Jon


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