Weaving a new spell in Saddleworth

THE owners of Weaver and Wilde may be familiar to people as being behind the counter of their Uppermill coffee shop – but they are now also carving out a new line of business in Greenfield.

Cal and Thomas Rowson-Codd have set up Weaver and Wilde Groceries and Provisions on Chew Valley Road.

And it is fair to say the reception has been far bigger than their premises.

Cal and Tom have converted what was the Saddleworth Coal Hut into their latest venture, which sells fresh fruit and veg, as well as fresh fish and other general provisions to the public as well as wholesale.

Cal and Thomas at their new store in Greenfield. Photo by Gemma Carter

The shop may be small in stature but the ambitions are far larger – and the reaction has bowled them over.

Cal also revealed the role a former Greenfield greengrocer, Jill Stanford, played as they look to bring something back to their home village after the last one closed in August 2020.

He said: “We’ve had a great reception in our first couple of weeks.“Everyone is just very excited to have fresh quality fruit and veg on their doorstep again. We’ve been quite overwhelmed by the response.

“Greenfield has been our home for 10 years now. The village had missed Jill and Jim Stanford since they retired.

“It’s part of the soul of a village and it’s an amenity that is at the root of village life. We miss having it too.

“If we didn’t live here and love our village we probably wouldn’t have done it. But we do, and it’s important to so many people.

“To be honest, it was Jill that planted the seed. It took a while for it to take root but here we are.”

Now they have been trading since June 20, things are starting to settle down after locals flocked to the ‘new’ facility.

But it is far from the huge leap going from running a coffee shop to a provisions store may seem.

In truth, it was just developing an idea that was borne out of the Covid-19 pandemic.Whatever happens in the future, do not expect service and standards to drop as Cal added: “We just do what we do and we hope we do it well.

“After running restaurants and bars for 20 years, great quality food has always been really important.

“It’s what we set out to achieve when we started up in Uppermill.

“The pandemic made us shift what we were doing to meet the needs of our customers and the community.

“We’ve been selling fresh produce since then, so it was kind of the next natural step to bring it back to Greenfield.”

• Weaver and Wilde Groceries and Provisions is based at 64, Chew Valley Road in Greenfield and is open from 8am to 5pm, six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

You can find them online at www.weaverandwilde.co.uk and the new shop can be contacted by calling 01457 381787.

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