Aspect IT: What do I need from an online booking system?

By Peter Dorotiak, Director at Aspect IT (advertisement feature)

AS more businesses re-open their doors, many will require an online booking system to help manage the flow of customers.It will not be just pubs and restaurants considering using an online booking system. Businesses in the service or entertainment sectors, including hairdressers and beauty salons, will also be investigating how an online booking system could help streamline their business.

Here we highlight the key features you may need to consider if you are investing in an online booking system. There are many available so ensure you get the right one to suit your business.

Budget: Online bookings systems generally follow one of two payment structures: monthly rental or commission based. Ensure you pick the most suitable for your type of business. If the payment structures do not suit your business model, then consider hiring a developer to build your own bespoke system.

Availability: Ensure your customers can make a booking wherever they are or whatever they are doing. An ideal system will allow bookings via your website, social media channels and dedicated app. Some customers may prefer booking on your website while may prefer using an app on their mobile device, especially if they are not sat in front of a computer.

Management: Your new online booking system should be able to offer numerous automated features to manage your bookings and customers. Automatic booking confirmations, reminder emails and/or texts, special offers, newsletters, and finance reports should be standard features.

Reliability: A great online booking system must be backed by a reliable and reputable company.

Ensure you will receive excellent support and check customer testimonials. Most suppliers will offer a trial period or at least a full demonstration.

Need help? If you are considering investing in an online booking system, then we can either help you find the right one or build you a bespoke solution.

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