What do you want on holiday?

By Peter Mills, Saddleworth Travel, Advertisement feature

APART from Whit Friday we seem to have had about six weeks of good weather so far this summer and no sign of it breaking soon.

It feels as though we have already had the summer holidays and yet they are still three weeks away.

In any normal year by about this time I have customers coming in in despair and demanding that we find them some sun before the season is over – but this year is different.

The suburbs of Britain are full of people living the outdoor lifestyle and enjoying consistently good weather, which in these Brexit-y times is quite ironically continental.

So if getting some colour onto your pasty legs is no longer the priority what is the key factor in helping to decide your holiday destination?

I thought about writing about holiday destinations you could consider which wouldn’t be covering the World Cup (Italy, Holland, USA, etc.) but it seems to have become universally compelling so there is no escaping that.

It may be a bit premature to propose driving holidays in Germany and Spain with England flag decorations on your car but keep your fingers crossed.

Backpacking in Belize, the churches of Northern Portugal or the Medinas of North Africa – what will the focus of your next holiday be?

Incidentally all of those are real suggestions from our customers this year and I would suggest that not many high street travel agencies would be able to help put those dreams into reality.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge and our flexible approach to unusual requests with the aim of getting our customers onto the holidays of their dreams.

We also have access to a massive range of specialist tour operators because of our independent status, so why not come down and give us a challenge?

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