What happens to Uppermill site when Saddleworth School moves?

OLDHAM Council bosses won’t be drawn on possible future uses for the current site of Saddleworth School.

The Uppermill location – owned by the local authority – will become vacant once pupils and staff move to a new school in Diggle in 2022.

Saddleworth School

There have been local calls to use the location for a heath centre as well as affordable housing.

Saddleworth OMBC councillors Garth Harkness and Sam Al-Hamdani say selling this land is a Government requirement for funding the new school.

Cllr Harkness said: “We must use this opportunity to benefit Saddleworth.

“A new health centre is a high priority I have campaigned for strongly.”

He says residents have also shown strong support for retention of the all-weather pitch for community use and investment in community facilities.

Cllr Al-Hamdani said: “With the economy as it is, this comes with a certain amount of risk.

“The Council are confident that the site will cover the costs; we will be holding them to account on it.

“Delivering a school good enough for local children remains our number one priority but this must be done in a way where residents can trust the decisions.”

Mick Scholes, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Saddleworth South, said: “The public must be consulted now about future uses for this important site in the centre of Uppermill before the land is sold.

“We need more affordable housing especially for younger people and local families who can’t afford to live here.”

Contacted by the Independent an Oldham Council spokesperson said: “We have no comment to make at this stage.

“The Council still own the school and it will continue to operate until the new school is handed over at the end of February 2022.

“Future proposals for the site will be considered going forward.”

3 Replies to “What happens to Uppermill site when Saddleworth School moves?”

  1. A ‘one stop’ healthcare centre! The medical practice we currently have is woefully too small and cannot cope with more and more housing. A holistic centre would be fabulous! Medical and Therapeutic, working together as one. Doctors, physio, counselling/mental health, minor surgery, out of hours appointments etc etc. We could be a shining beacon of how to approach modern life. Keep the all weather pitch for ‘prescribed’ football clubs, walking football, over 50s, women’s only, other sports. A bustling building, more like Glodwick medical centre or a mini ICC (interpreted care centre). The population in Saddleworth is massive! And the current practice is just not up to the huge task, within their current site.

  2. Definitely a health Centre and maybe a bigger pool for saddleworth swimmers. Although probably will be more housing which will further impact on our already overstretched resources.

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