Workers Party candidate challenges Debbie Abrahams to ‘Question Time’ showdown

By Charlotte Hall – Local Democracy Reporter

OLDHAM’S Workers Party candidate challenged incumbent local MP Debbie Abrahams to a ‘Question Time’ style showdown during a campaign launch last night (June 6), where a fight later broke out.

Shanaz Saddique, who is standing in Oldham East and Saddleworth, said she’d like to ‘have it out’ with the Labour candidate who has represented the constituency for almost 13 years.

Saddique said: “Debbie Abrahams I challenge you to a question time here in Oldham East and Saddleworth. You name the place, you name the time. Shanaz Saddique will sit with you and we’ll have it out for the people of Oldham East and Saddleworth.”

Shanaz Saddique pictured with George Galloway

The challenge was issued during a speech at the Eastern Pavilion in Featherstall, which was attended by just under 200 people and the Workers Party leader George Galloway.

While there was much support for the two candidates in the room, the event did not go down entirely harmoniously, with a brawl nearly breaking out between a number of members of the audience while Galloway and Saddique were taking questions.

The fight was quickly brought under control, with a media officer telling the crowd ‘it’s not about you, please make peace’ and a volunteer wearing a Worker’s Party badge asking people to delete videos of the incident, saying ‘we must stay undivided’.

The event was also attended by George Galloway. The Workers Party leader, standing as a candidate for re-election in neighbouring Rochdale, also took aim at the Labour candidate Debbie Abrahams.

The politician from Glasgow, who recently came under fire for saying same-sex relationships ‘weren’t normal’, accused the Labour party of ‘pandering’ to tax fears and being ‘reticent’ on Gaza.

He suggested Abrahams was ‘no different’ and that any MP with any “decency … would already have left the Labour party.”

In response, Debbie Abrahams said: “This week, we have already seen Conservative candidates get their facts and figures wrong. It’s disappointing but unsurprising that the Workers Party are engaging in the same deceitful practice.

“Disinformation threatens democracy, and those who engage in such practices are unfit for public office.

“It is a matter of fact that I was one of the first Members of Parliament to call for a ceasefire on 18th October 2023. I’ve also called for the unfettered distribution of humanitarian aid, the immediate recognition of the state of Palestine, upholding the ICJ and ICC judgements and much more. I have consistently supported a free Palestine since I was first elected in 2011 and visited in 2012.

“As Chair of the APPG on Kashmir for seven years, I have been outspoken on human rights issues across Kashmir, so much so that I was banned from entering India in 2020. My longstanding record supporting human rights, peace and justice is unequivocal and a matter of public record.
“I believe politics is about public service. As such I’ve been in touch with tens of thousands of people across Oldham & Saddleworth on the doors, at surgeries and at community meetings not just over the last few weeks but for 13 years.”

4 Replies to “Workers Party candidate challenges Debbie Abrahams to ‘Question Time’ showdown”

  1. Is it true that the so called “Workers Party” candidate Saddique ( or Hussein) is a an ex-magistrate who escaped a prion sentence after conviction for a £360,000 fraud in 2012?

  2. I don’t know is it ?

    You really need to cite your source before going on line and making unsupported accusations against people.

    Even if true, that was long time ago now anyway.

    After all Andy Burnham for example, was one of the people who as Labour Health Secretary oversaw and was responsible for the failures at Mid Staff, (“the appalling suffering of Patients,”) and he’s Mayor of Manchester now.

    And so on……………………………..

  3. Sher – other sources are saying that you are correct although I have not seen a source which is beyond question. I do note that the M.E.N. has an article from 2012 referencing a conviction for 7 counts of fraud and the picture certainly looks like her. What we do know also from her own comments is that she is an lslamist. We have imported the sectarian gutter politics of the sub-continent to Oldham.

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