Worried parents campaign for crossing on busy Scouthead road

WORRIED parents are asking Oldham Council to explore crossing assistance for locals because of mounting concerns over traffic dangers on one of Saddleworth’s key roads.

The busy junction

And they have raised the issue with Cllr Garth Harkness, ward councillor for Saddleworth North, which includes the A62 Huddersfield road running through Austerlands and Scouthead.

Cllr Harkness explained: “I was asked to explore crossing assistance around the Old Lane area of Huddersfield Road. A number of parents contacted me.

“A traffic island could be possible at one point but a detailed investigation would be needed first.

“It would also be necessary to remove long lengths of on-street parking to enable traffic to safely manoeuvre alongside the feature.

“I suspect this would meet with a high level of objection due to the demand on parking. However, if parking restrictions were agreed then I’d need to get funding for an island.”

In addition, he asked for parents comments on a crossing with children.

“The vast majority support a crossing in the area as do I,” he declared. “The council have looked at a possible site and I hope they can now go and find funding to improve safety in the area.

“This road is in the priority network and gets very busy. A crossing aid is needed here.”

The busy junction

Commenting on social media, a mother said: “I’m in total agreement. I struggle to cross safely with my children.

“The road is an extremely busy main road. Parked cars make it hard to see what is coming up.

“That means it isn’t easy to see when you have a pram — plus the speed. I can understand drivers not wanting the chaos of road works but surely the safety of people crossing is what matters?”

Another said: “We desperately need a crossing – actually more than one – between Waterhead and Delph. Someone is going to get killed trying to cross that road.”

Cllr Fida Hussain, Oldham Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “The safety of pedestrians and road users is a priority and we constantly review our roads to see if improvements are needed.

“When we are contacted by residents with safety concerns we do investigate fully before taking any action and this includes looking at safety records.

“The council is currently considering options for a crossing on Huddersfield Road. Meantime we urge drivers and pedestrians to consider each other when using our roads.”


3 Replies to “Worried parents campaign for crossing on busy Scouthead road”

  1. Can I say I totally agree with the action proposed, I am a pensioner & find it very difficult to cross the road in the area because of the speed of the cars also there is usually a BMW parked on the main road near the junction, not only bad for pedestrians but the bend in the road means the cars are on the wrong side when traveling up Huddersfield Rd when overtaking this car. At the top of Old Lane there is also another car usually parked blocking the view when driving up Thorpe Lane from the chimney even though it is a junction cars tend to come right out, I have been nearly hit a couple times when driving up Old Lane.

  2. Totally agree with proposals for a crossing or an island this would make it much safer for pedestrians as very difficult currently around the Old Lane/Heywood Lane junction with cars travelling at speed an accident waiting to happen!

  3. I 100% agree with the proposal to have some form of crossing. I live on Huddersfield Road, close to Anise restaurant and I struggle each time I have to cross that road for a number of reasons, it is a main road and extremely busy at all times, the speed that some drive at is ridiculous. Parked cars, especially vans make it extremely difficult to see what traffic is coming especially when I have my pram and children with me and there safety is my main priority. I leave earlier than necessary for the school run just because some mornings it’s near impossible to cross and thankfully some drives have stopped meaning others have to so we can cross. There is a bus stop just down from my house and the amount of older people who struggle to cross is shocking and I worry for their safety also. I know some people are already against this but safety needs to come first

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