Yobs slammed for mindless vandalism at basketball facility

AN anti-litter campaigner has called for increased police intervention after a Saddleworth village suffered its latest case of anti-social behaviour.

And Green activist Brian Banawich fears the latest “deliberate” act of vandalism could have put youngsters at risk of injury.

Brian with broken bottles

During a recent litter picking activity, Brian discovered a shower of broken glass strewn across a sports facility at Churchill playing fields in Greenfield.

He said: “I came across an empty case of beer and what appeared to be at least a dozen beer bottle smashed all over the all-weather basketball court.

“It was obviously a deliberate act to make the court unplayable or injure youngsters playing basketball.

“In among the broken glass were several empty canisters of nitrous oxide.

“I removed most of the glass as a matter of urgency and contacted the council to clean up the area as quickly as possible.

“I also contacted the local police to ask if they can check on the area in the evenings at weekends.”

In recent months, yobs have smashed bottles in the children’s play area at Greenfield park on Ladhill Lane and also at Friezland Bowling Club.

A bus shelter on Chew Valley Road was also targeted by vandals, who left broken beer bottles on the grass close to the popular Pennine Bridleway.

It is not known if the culprits are local youths or have travelled in from outside the area.

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