Fascinating Facts: record number of draws

Royce Franklin

Royce Franklin takes a nostalgic look back at how football has changed in the 67 years since he watched his first live match.

WHEN LATICS drew 10 of their first 15 games this season (66%) they were on target to exceed the number of draws by one team in one Football League season.

That record stands at 23 from 46 games (50%) and is held by four clubs: Exeter City in the old Fourth Division in 1986/87 and by both Hartlepool United and Cardiff City in 1997/98 in the old Third Division. In percentage terms the record is held by Norwich City with 23 draws from 42 games (54.8%) in the old First Division in 1978/79.

Unless Latics are going to increase the draws this season quite significantly they will not emulate that record. If they do they will be relegated. Wins are needed.

While Latics almost most certainly will miss at least equalling the draws’ record, they have not lost out on another.  The most number of wins with a double figures score since the Second World War belongs to Latics.  Oldham is the only side with two – Oldham 11, Chester 2 in 1951/52 and Oldham 11, Southport 0 in 1961/62.

Other double figures league scores since the war have been: 4.9.46 old Division Three South  Reading 10, Crystal Palace 2; old Division Two  5.10.46 Newcastle 13, Newport 0; 5.1.49 Division Three South Notts County, 11 Newport 1;   29.9.51 Division Three North Lincoln 11, Crewe 1; 11.10.58  old Division One Spurs 10, Everton 4; Division Four  4.4.59 Hartlepools United 10, Barrow 1; 14.11.59  old Division Two Aston Villa 11, Charlton 1; Division Four 3.3.62 Wrexham 10, Hartlepools 1; 26.12.63  old Division One Fulham 10 Ipswich 1; old Division Four – 25.1.64 – Doncaster 10 Darlington 0; 5.9.87 old Division Three Gillingham 10, Chesterfield 0  and the last nearly 30 years ago  5.11.87 Manchester City 10, Huddersfield 1. In the last game three players scored a hat trick for City David White; Tony Adcock and Paul Stewart. No away side has scored double figures in the 70 years reviewed.

So it is nearly 30 years since the last double figures score.  Have we seen the last of double scores?  After such a long time we probably have.

To date, there has been no double figures scores in the Premier League since its inauguration in 1992.


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