40 years and still going strong for Dobcross Ladies Group

A FANTASTIC anniversary party was thrown to celebrate a landmark 40 years of Dobcross Ladies Group.

The party, held at the beautifully decorated Sandy Lane Church in July, saw more than 20 current members joined by 10 past members to enjoy the occasion.

One member, Rita Chester even travelled from Scotland to attend, while Dorothy Townend was one of the three founder members at the special event.

Judy Tamworth, current Chair, and Dorothy Townend, a founder and current member

The ladies enjoyed a glass of fizz and a catch up before Dorothy entertained the gathering with tales of 1977, which was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year and saw a street party on the newly built Nudger Green.

Despite the rain, the street party was a great opportunity for neighbours to get to know each other, and the ladies decided to continue that sense of community by forming Dobcross Ladies Group.

The Group started to meet at Holy Trinity Church, where they still get together today, and the vicar welcomed the ‘Dobcross’ Ladies Group for the whole community.

Now, the Group boasts 25 members of different ages and backgrounds: some who work, others are retired or are full time mums – but they all have a connection to Dobcross.

The Group meets in the evening on the second Tuesday of each month, and enjoys listening to various speakers or doing activities, such as crafts, theatre trips, and meals out or in.

Over the years, their meeting have included food tastings from former Dobcross postmaster Sukhi Singh’s Indian treats, truffle making and cake decorations.

They have also made Christmas wreaths and silk prints, heard talks on wine, whistling and bees, line dancing; and discovered more about charities such as Dr Kershaw’s, Saddleworth museum and Radio Cavell.


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