Dave’s on the road to success

Dave Morris is hoping to whistle up a star part in a new block-buster film.

MUSICIANS: Daniel (left) and Dave
MUSICIANS: Daniel (left) and Dave

Dave, the world‘s champion whistler from Dobcross, is following in the steps of musical greats including The Beatles to the world famous Abbey Road studios, London.

He was on a special mission: to record a section of music for possible inclusion in a major Hollywood film blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

Dave, who earlier made two headline appearances on BBC shows, was approached by a musical contact he first met four years ago after appearing  in the BBC radio programme, Friday Night is Music Night.

“My contact had a brief to organise and select musicians for the film score of a forthcoming movie, ‘The Couselor’ with a huge big-name cast,” he explained.

“Two thirds of the music had been recorded but the score’s composer, Daniel Pemberton (pictured)  wondered how certain parts of the score would sound if they were whistled as opposed to original instrumentation.”

Dave was invited to London’s legendary Abbey Road studios, famed for producing albums by The Beatles and latterly music for The Gladiators and Harry Potter films.

“It’s a truly awe-inspiring place,”he said . “The walls are lined with memorabilia from great musical scores and names who are real music and film icons.

“Meeting Daniel was a pleasure and they recorded my whistling and dubbed it over the backing.

STEPPIN' OUT: Dave follows in the footsteps of The Beatles
STEPPIN’ OUT: Dave follows in the footsteps of The Beatles

“Daniel was delighted with the results and said he would be pushing for the whistling to be included in the final scoring.

“However, the final decision would not be taken until later in the summer by executives in Hollywood – but fingers crossed – it could be Oscars here we come,” he added.

Dave appeared on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show and later the same week on BBC The One Show, prior to Christmas.

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