90-year-old poet proves it is never too late for success

by Lily Chick

A 90-year-old resident from Delph is proving it is never too late to fulfil life-long ambitions…

Dorothy Littlewood has always been a keen poet and lover of the arts but has never had any of her works published – until now.

On the right is her poem ‘Sleepless in Saddleworth’ for which her inspiration came from a strange glow in the sky which she witnessed over her morning cup of tea in bed.

As a young girl Dorothy played the violin and piano, and has carried on these hobbies and many more throughout her life.

She joined the Halle choir and became a key member of a number of amateur dramatic theatre groups.

Dorothy is a valued member of the local community, from teaching piano to local children to restoring an un-kept piece of communal land.

She is always looking for the next activity to keep her keen mind occupied and recently taken up flower pressing amongst other things.

Dorothy’s other poems include ‘Country Colour’, which was written over half a century ago, and ‘Memories’, about the ageing process.


‘Sleepless in Saddleworth’ by Dorothy Littlewood

Awakened by the alarm clock
I got up and made a brew
So getting comfy back in bed
I could enjoy the view

The fields and trees they always please
But today it’s not so bright
A mist so dense, beyond the fence
There’s not a thing in sight

Oh what a shame, the fog’s to blame
For spoiling such a treat
I’ll finish off my tea and then –
What shall I have to eat?

I’ve run out of fruit and fibre
What do I fancy most?
I could have gently soft boiled eggs
Or even eggs on toast

But my eggs are only ‘shop’ ones
And bear the ‘Use By’ warning
I have two left, but to be safe
I’ll bin them both this morning

But something strange has caught my eye
Could it be the moon?
That ghostly circle in the sky
That penetrate the gloom?

I cannot think is it the sun
Appearing in the heaven
Perhaps it really is the moon
Oh, not at half past seven!

Alternatively, it’s a dream
It’s really just a fake
But it cannot be a dream –
I’m drinking tea and wide awake!

Stop pondering, stop wondering
Which solution you think best
It really doesn’t matter
Get out of bed – and get dressed!


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