A new funding option for family law at O’Donnells

A new funding option for family law at O’Donnells
By Anthony Jones, from O’Donnell Solicitors (advertisement feature)

Anthony Jones

O’Donnell Solicitors are pleased to offer a new funding option for clients who require advice on family law matters. 

‘Pay As You Instruct’ (PAYI) is a unique service which we offers alongside pro-bono, full representation and fixed fee options.

What is it? PAYI allows you to be in charge of your case. We do not go on record as acting for you so you work for yourself.

We give you the advice and support at face-to-face meetings only.  You may require just one meeting or a number of meetings.

What is the benefit to me? You are in complete control of your case and the costs. Solicitors advise many clients but you are your only client so you will get to resolve your legal issues quicker.

The costs are paid at the end of each face-to-face meeting so you can see the work has been carried out and the charges incurred.

Why should I use it? If you cannot afford a solicitor to represent you on a full representation basis then this is perfect, particularly if you require the ongoing assistance and advice.

How much will it cost? You only pay for the time spent at the end of the face-to-face meeting. The charges are based on an hourly rate and are divided into units of six minutes.

The hourly rate depends on the seniority of the fee earner and your financial circumstances (we offer reduced fees in certain circumstances).

How much it costs is up to you as you are in complete control of how long you want the meeting to last.

What should I bring to the PAYI meeting? You should have a written agenda about what you want to discuss at the meeting so the time is used constructively. It is advisable to bring a notepad to make notes.

What can you help me with? Everything you expect from a lawyer, except we do not go on record as acting for you and all the work is conducted at the meeting.

This can include advising you on law, drafting applications, statements or letters, as well as giving you tactics, tips and solutions to your family law problems.

Anthony Jones is Head of Family Law and is a Resolution Accredited Specialist at O’Donnell Solicitors.

For more information or a second opinion, call him on: 01457 761 320 or email him at: anthony@odonnellsolicitors.co.uk

Visit O’Donnell’s website for more information: www.odonellsolicitors.co.uk

Visit them at their offices in Uppermill Square or at Appleby’s Business Centre, Grasscroft.

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