Achieve your dream weight this year with Slimming World

ARE you looking to make 2018 your year to lose weight, regain confidence and just generally feel good about yourself?

Why not come along to one of the

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warm and friendly Slimming World groups across the area and let their top consultants help you.

They have groups almost every day of the week in Saddleworth, as well as nearby in Milnrow and Mossley.

Allison Slingo, who runs the Slimming World Group in Greenfield on Tuesdays and the Millbrook Group on Wednesdays, said: “We know how important the group support can be so we’d like you to meet your local consultants to make taking that first, brave step through our doors that little bit easier!

“I run the Greenfield group every Tuesday and have been a member of Slimming World for a number of years.

“I’ve reached target in the past and then decided I didn’t need group anymore but was unable to keep the weight off without support so rejoined and haven’t looked back!

“It changed my life, not only from losing weight but gave me a brand new career and I now get to help others who struggle every week.”

Claire Meyer runs groups in Mossley on a Monday morning and evening as well as in Uppermill on a Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

She has been a consultant for two years and left a full-time job to take on Slimming World groups.

“I was a target member before I became a consultant and for me the biggest part of the job is the joy in seeing members reach their target weight,” she explained.

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Angela Arnfield runs a group in Lees on Tuesdays and has also been a consultant for two years.

“My group has recently moved and is only a small group at the moment,” she said, “But I want to reach out and help every overweight person who wants support to lose weight.”

Catherine Schoolden runs a group in Diggle on Thursday evenings and is coming up to her first anniversary as a consultant.

“I’ve been a member for some time and love the very generous food optimising plan that Slimming World provides,” she said.

“The focus on free food is fantastic and means I never go hungry and can still lose weight. I work full time as well and the flexibility of the plan fits wonderfully into my busy life.”

Rachel Swatkins runs three groups in Milnrow on a Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and Thursday evening and has been a consultant for more than 17 years.

“I can’t imagine working in another role. I get to help people find the person they feel they are inside but have to hide because they are unhappy with their weight,” she said.

“I love to see people blossom before my eyes.  What other job could give you that satisfaction on a weekly basis?”

There is also another group in Millbrook on Wednesdays which Allison is looking after until they find a permanent consultant to take it on.

A warm welcome awaits at every one of Slimming World’s groups. For more information call Allison on 07984 285009 or visit their website:


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