Age is no obstacle as artists put on first exhibition at Reclamation Room

FOUR talented artists in their seventies and eighties are proving that age is just a number as they host an eye-catching exhibition of their work at Reclamation Room in Uppermill.

Roland, John, Gordon and John showing some of the work done by John and John which will feature in the exhibition

Gordon Coates, 83, John Martindale, 78, John Kenworthy, 79 and Roland Gaskell, 71, are all members of the Kiln Green Art Group in Diggle, patiently guided by Sheila Dewsbury, a nationally recognised landscape and figure artist.

28 pictures by the four friends will be on display – and for sale – at the café on Lee Street, alongside pictures by some of the staff, from Tuesday, November 14.

They have each exhibited individually in the past, including at the Millgate Arts Centre in Delph and Brownhill at Uppermill.

Now Gordon has convinced them to team up for this joint display after being invited to do an exhibition by Emma Givvons, proprietor of Reclamation Room.

Each of the four has had a life-long passion for art and they have been drawing as a hobby in various forms for most of their lives, with many of them starting at school.

John Martindale recalled being encouraged to draw as a child, and he is now inspired by the 1930s, with posters and drawings being done to give the observer a blast to the past.

John Kenworthy was always doodling on his books at school, getting him into trouble, and he enjoys a wide range of subjects for his work, but often boats or beetles.

Gordon, who has held seven exhibitions already, enjoys painting landscapes and buildings, and finds much inspiration in the stone walls and scenes around Saddleworth.

Roland explained he has always drawn in his free time then when he retired he looked for something more to do and so joined the group at Kiln Green, which meets every Tuesday.

All members had to get feedback for which images to use, with a group of around 20 people supporting them.

All four friends hope people come along to look at their paintings and enjoy a coffee at the same time.


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