All Dolled up for Yanks’ 40th anniversary celebrations

CATHERINE Hearne wasn’t even born when Hollywood descended on Dobcross to shoot scenes for World War II movie Yanks.

The Bailey Dolls

But she is relishing her part in the celebrations when the village marks 40 years since the making of the hit film, starring Richard Gere and Vanessa Redgrave.

Dobcross born and bred Catherine is one third of the Bailey Dolls vintage vocal trio who have been regulars at Yanks for the past three years.

This year though will be extra special for the former Saddleworth School pupil as it will be the first time the Dolls, also including Merrilyn Greer and Gillian Quinn, are accompanied by Dobcross Silver Band.

“My dad, Pip, was a member of Dobcross Band Club for over 35 years and also Silver Band vice president,” explained Catherine, 38.

“He passed away in 2016 but he would have been absolutely thrilled to see this Yanks event.

Catherine Hearne

“Previously we have appeared at the Swan in Dobcross so this is a new one for us. Getting to perform with the Silver Band is different and exciting.

“I know the Club is making a huge effort as it’s the 40thanniversary of Yanks. There is also a special screening of the show so it promises to be a fantastic day.”

Catherine, a one-time member of Oldham Girls’ Choir and Leeds Philharmonic Chorus, is also preparing for another special event next month.

Together with Australian Merrilyn, they have written and produced a show for Edinburgh Fringe, the Two Dames, to perform at the Space Triplex from August 20-25.

“This time it’s set in the Roaring Twenties,” explained Catherine, a part-time physiotherapist in her ‘day job’.

The Bailey Dolls

“We are Hester and Ruby, two flapper girls, one an American Heiress and the other from the East End of London.

“It’s about us telling stories, drinking gin and singing some fabulous 1920s songs from the likes of Noel Coward, Irving Berlin and Bessie Smith.

“I have always loved vintage music,” enthused Catherine. “The Boswell Sisters are my favourites.

“My mum listened to it a little bit but I didn’t really get it from home. Initially, it was probably he vintage look, the hair and he outfits; I loved all that.”

To see the look and listen to the music catch the Bailey Dolls at Dobcross Band Club from 3pm on Sunday, August 12.

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