All roads lead to Greenfield fair

A Fair, reputedly mentioned in the Magna Carta, kept tradition alive in Saddleworth on Maundy Thursday.

Stall holders were out in force at Road End, Greenfield for the annual market which has been a feature of village life for centuries.

Legend has it the Magna Carta of 1215 decrees at least one stall must open on Maundy Thursday every year.

If not, the privilege provided by Magna Carta would cease and an Act of Parliament would be required to re-start what was originally known as a ‘chartered pot fair.’

There have been times when the gathering at the junction of Chew Valley Road and Kinders Lane has come close to extinction.

But while not as busy as its heyday, Road End Fair is still part of the Easter tradition in Greenfield.

This year, parishioners from St Mary’s Church and Greenfield Methodists took up their places as commuters set off to work.

Charity fund raisers for Francis House Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support also joined in the morning activities as did the Independent and other groups.


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