All you need to know with 101 Wine FAQs this Christmas

As the festive season approaches and people enjoy a meal and a drink out, local wine consultant Simon Woods has the answers to your top 101 Wine questions.

Simon Woods

In his 25 years of writing, talking and enthusing about wine, he has been co-coordinator of the International Wine Challenge, columnist for The Financial Times ‘The Business’ magazine and five-times editor of the annual Which? Wine Guide.

Now, his latest book ‘101 Wine FAQs’ offers the answers to the questions about wine that he’s been asked most frequently while conducting wine tastings, dinners and seminars.

Examples include: “Does wine contain anything apart from grapes?”, “What effect is global warming having on wine?”, “Why should I bother with any wine that’s not on special offer?”, “Do women make better wine tasters than men?”, “What are the best wines to order in a restaurant?”, “How many calories are there in a glass of wine?”, and “How do you prevent wine staining your teeth?”.

Simon said: “There are plenty of books on wine that are stuffed with information that the author is keen to share with his or her readers – I’ve even written some of them myself.

“But my aim with ‘101 Wine FAQs’ is to come at wine from the point of view of what my audience wants to know, rather than what I want to tell them.

“I am aware that I haven’t included one particular question: ‘This recipe calls for Leftover Wine – what is that?’ But otherwise, I think I’ve covered most of the most popular questions – if I haven’t, let me know, and I’ll get to work on a sequel!”

‘101 Wine FAQs’ costs £9 (£5 on the Kindle) and is available on, Amazon, and a growing number of wine merchants and book shops.

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