Album front cover delight for Greenfield artist

A GREENFIELD artist can not wipe the smile off her face after one of her pictures was picked to feature on the cover of her favourite singer’s new album.

p29 rachel fish album cover
Rachel with her sketch used for the album cover

Rachel Fish, from Greenfield, has been a fan of Gloria Estefan for nearly 30 years and has followed her tours around the world from Miami to London.

She has sketched and painted the star since 1987, and has even had some of her pictures signed at meet-and-greet events.

Now, the mum-of-one is thrilled to have one of her sketches chosen as the picture for the front cover of Gloria’s new album, Soy Mujer, which was released in September.

Rachel explained: “I was learning to use Twitter last year, which is what Gloria uses frequently, and I sent her some new sketches I had done.

“She asked me to direct message her my details and then she asked if my picture or sketch could be the next album cover! I was shocked, overwhelmed and very proud.

“It happened, it went to Sony and it is released! The album has been a success and I am so honoured and I still have a BIG smile.

She added: “I have always loved to paint and I attend John McComb’s Life class during winter and he has really helped me develop my artistic creations.”


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