Angry residents left to clean up after ‘partying’ youths

A DELPH mum has hit out at a group of teenagers who recently laid waste to a quiet corner of the village.

The resident, who asked not to be named, helped clean up the mess left after two days of ‘partying’ by the group.

She accused the youths of breaking social distancing rules as well as anti-social behaviour which included chasing sheep and lambs on bikes.

The incidents took place on the same weekend as Dovestone reservoir was overwhelmed by a mass influx of day trippers and sightseers.

“They were causing mayhem and bedlam,” said the angry local of the youngsters, who are thought to be aged 12-17.

“When I looked in the farmer’s field where they had been, it was a car crash.

“There were empty wine bottles, vodka bottles, discarded nitrous oxide cannisters and towels and clothes left behind from after they had been in the waterfall.

“When I phoned the police I didn’t go down the anti-social route or the trespass route, I was more concerned these kids were breaking social distancing rules.

“They were drunk and high and it was like they thought they could get away with it.

“I phoned the police but no-one ever got back to me. The elderly farmer, who owns the field, said he phoned three times on the Saturday.

“He said he was told it was a civil matter until he explained it was his field.

“His wife received lots of abuse and I was worried for his own health.”

The Independent contacted GMP for a comment but had no reply by the time of going to print.

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