Aspect IT: Are your IT systems ready for 2020?

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By Peter Dorotiak, Director at Aspect IT

A New Year means New Year’s resolutions, and many people make new personal goals. 

But what if you are a business owner? If you are, then the New Year is an ideal time to realign your business objectives and strategic plans. And it is also a great time to review your IT systems. 

Here are four areas to focus on when reviewing your IT systems for 2020:

1. IT Support: Every year, businesses become more reliant on their IT systems. Your IT support team, whether internal or outsourced, should be able to respond in a timely manner and be proactive by recommending new solutions to improve efficiency and performance. 

If you do not have IT support, then a review is worthwhile. You could save time and money by appointing an external IT company to manage your IT systems.

2. Security: The last few years has seen GDPR come into effect and numerous high-profile security breaches. The security of your systems should be a top priority in 2020. If you are serious about business security, then Cyber Essentials accreditation, a government backed scheme, provides an excellent framework to protect against the main threats.

3. VoIP: VoIP (Voice over IP) is a fast-growing technology and more businesses are making the switch from traditional phone lines. If you are still using an analogue phone system, then 2020 is a great time to see if you can save money by switching to VoIP. 

Also, it may be able to contribute to your business strategy with its feature-rich technologies and change the way you interact with your clients.

4. Business Processes: Reviewing your business processes and the software your company uses is an important project to undertake. Well-designed processes and software can help you improve company performance and efficiency of your staff.

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