Aspect IT: How to make a smartphone battery last longer

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How to make a smartphone battery last longer

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MANY OF us get so frustrated when our phone battery goes from one hundred per cent to zero in the blink of an eye. This article will give you a few tips on how to make your battery life last longer.

Adjust the auto brightness: When your screen is at its brightest, it will use more battery power faster which is why reducing the brightness will make it last. It’s not always essential to have your screen brightness on full power.

Disable Bluetooth: If you think about your body doing exercises one after the other without a break, you’ll lose more energy which is what happens when you keep your Bluetooth on. It’s advised to use your Bluetooth only when necessary and not have it permanently switched on.

Turn off auto refresh on apps: You can switch them off by going in to your ‘General’ settings and to ‘Background App Refresh’. With your apps constantly updating, it uses more energy and more battery. You are better off refreshing the apps as and when you please.

Reduce auto lock: The longer your phone stays on the more power it will use. Most phones allow you to set the number of minutes before it lock. We advise to keep it on the shortest time, which is two minutes, to save you that extra percentage.

Disable location services: When location services are enabled, it means your mobile device is constantly checking where you are, so it’s not taking any time out. Disabling location services will help increase your battery life. You can adjust under ‘Privacy’ (iPhone) or ‘Personal’ (Android) and ‘Location Services’ in your settings.

Enable do not disturb: When you don’t need your phone (mostly at night) you can stop any data roaming and activity on your phone by enabling the ‘Do not disturb’ feature.

It will block any activity and only show up as a notification, e.g. an incoming call will not ring, it will give you a notification of a missed call.


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