Aspect IT: Why is social media essential in business?

Why is social media essential in business?
Advertisement feature by Danielle Skinner, Digital Marketer at Aspect IT

SOCIAL MEDIA is becoming an addiction for many people – so it has its downfalls. But when it comes to a business, it’s a ‘must have’.

There were 2.34 billion people on social media in 2016, and the number is constantly increasing. This article will explain why a business needs to be on social media platforms.

Brand awareness: Technology is constantly changing the way we communicate. With a large presence online, it’s easier to generate business online than offline.

Networking: Socialising with other businesses online can help promote your business. You can grow personal connections, and who knows what the future holds? They could become a customer or a business partner. Everyone loves to network and online is perfect.

Great for Marketing: Getting your product or services out there can’t be done on its own, there needs to be marketing and there’s no better place than on social media. It can help you find the right people. The reach can be localised or global and social media paid advertising can be targeted on many social and demographic factors.

Responding to customers quickly: If you market on social media, then you can expect potential customers to contact you on social media. When people use social media, they expect fast responses, so be prepared. Social media also provides an alternative method to contact you.

Directing traffic to your website: Social media can help your website get more visitors and educate them on what you do. You can post a little content on your social media channels and provide a link back to your website, generating traffic and interest.

Competition: Most of your competition may already be on social media, so you should be too. And if your competitors aren’t on social media, get a competitive advantage over them and start using it.

It’s free: Take advantage of the fact it’s free. But don’t just sign up and do nothing. Commit to posting content regularly, otherwise it will have a negative impact. If you can’t, outsource to a company that can.

At Aspect IT, we’ve helped numerous companies in varying sectors with their social media platforms. Get in touch now for advice.


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