Aspect IT: Why VoIP is the future of business telephone systems

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By Danielle Skinner, Digital Marketing Executive 

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol and is technology that allows a phone system to make calls over the internet. 

It has been around for many years but is becoming increasingly popular.

Traditionally, ISDN has been the main technology used for phone systems. 

However, BT has announced that ISDN will be phased out. 

BT’s plans are to initially stop the sale of ISDN lines and then phase out the entire network. 

This is an acknowledgement by BT that VoIP is the future of telephone systems.

This month’s article is an introduction to how VoIP can benefit your business. 

The main benefits of VoIP:

• Reduced costs: national calls are approximately 40 per cent cheaper and international calls are up to 90 per cent cheaper. This is because calls are made over the internet rather than a traditional landline. 

• Stability: as systems have improved, VoIP has become a stable and reliable solution to businesses.

• Easy-to-use: you do not need to be an expert at phone systems, the software is easy to use.

• Staff productivity: employees can pick up calls from anywhere if they are connected to the internet.

• Manage calls: you can control how calls are routed through the phone system and there are many other exciting features.

• Multiple sites or home worker? No problem! If you’re a business that has multiple remote sites or home workers, VoIP can be extremely cost-effective. 

This is because calls to remote offices or home workers are free of charge if they connected to your system and are using wi-fi.

In addition, if your employees travel, you can register their mobile phone or internet enabled device to make and receive calls via 3G, 4G or wi-fi.

We supply a VoIP service that will help your business save costs.

If you have a legacy telephone system, now is the time to upgrade to a more advanced and cost-effective solution. 

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