Band follows the yellow brick road to Dobcross

A TOP American brass band followed the yellow-brick road all the way from Kansas… to Dobcross!

Fountain City Brass Band made the 4,000-mile trip to the band club last month as part of a UK tour to compete in the prestigious Brass in Concert event at Gateshead.

The band previously played at the Platt Lane club after using a ‘Stolen from Dobcross Band Club’ beer mat given to them by a local as an invitation to take to the stage there.

And they enjoyed it so much that they returned to play again in front of a full house in a club that was dressed for the occasion.

Andy Black, Dobcross Silver Band chairman, said: “What a sensational evening it was!

“Once again our friends from the DVC decorated the Club in great style while the band produced some lovely ‘Wizard of Oz’ touches (the film was set in Kansas) to surprise our guests including a yellow-brick road, signpost and of course Dorothy’s red shoes.

“A superb cameo performance from our Swing Band got us underway followed by a well-balanced short programme from the Silver Band.

“For the main event our special guests were once again quite spectacular. They treated us to a preview of their programme for the prestigious Brass in Concert competition, followed by several rousing and highly entertaining pieces.

“The Fountain City players have developed a real affinity with our village and we are proud of our special relationship with them.”

Helen Harrelson, President of Fountain City Youth Brass Academy, said: “We had a great time!

“Thanks for all the preparation and those little extras too which made us feel like rock stars.

Seriously this will be a highlight of our tour once again for the band.”

A SPARKLING newly refurbished cornet was given to Dobcross Silver Band in a special presentation.

The instrument was a kind donation by Isobel Hill in memory of her late husband Graham, who sadly passed away a year ago.

The cornet, engraved with the words ‘Graham Hill – a proud Dobcrosser’ was presented to the band and will be played by promising youngster Georgina Parkinson.

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