Beware! There’re pheasants around in Greenfield

A GREENFIELD farmer has urged motorists using a notorious stretch of Saddleworth road to indulge in a spot of bird watching.

One of the signs warning of the pheasants

Fed up of seeing his flock of pheasants end up as road kill, Chris Crowther has again taken matters into his own hands.

During the last largescale loss of wildlife, Chris erected home made signs on the A635 Greenfield to Holmfirth road, alerting drivers to the presence of his game birds.

Now, he’s produced more distinctive signage – pictured above – to highlight the issue.

“And I have ordered a couple more,” said Chris from Upperwood House Farm, whose family own more than 9,000 acres of moorland.

“People don’t like slowing down and I am trying to make them more aware,” he added.

“The birds are getting a bit of a splattering at the moment and I am just trying to protect them.

“Maybe drivers are admiring the views but I’d be grateful if they could also keep a look out for the pheasants.”

The birds, including males with their striking plumage and long tails, are often seen on the road side and crossing the road, starting close to Binn Green and continuing past Upperwood House Farm as the A635 climbs to the top of the moor.

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