Bite of the Apple for whistler Dave

WORLD champion whistler Dave Morris is enjoying a bite of computer giant Apple by recording the theme tune for their new advertising campaign.

Dave, from Dobcross, features whistling a 40-second rendition of The Post Horn Galop for the backing track of the advert for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Dave Morris whistler Apple

The ‘galop’ was a fashionable mid-18th century dance and today The Post Horn Galop, composed by Herman Koenig, is still a popular novelty piece.

Dave said: “It’s a real win to know the advertisement is travelling the world with me accompanying it.”

He revealed the tune for the new ad was first selected for a TV commercial he made heralding the launch of the BMW Mini.

That lead to an exciting extension to talented Dave’s extensive musical repertoire, taking him into the world of marketing and TV advertising.

He recalled: “I genuinely had no idea the ad for the new mini would become so huge in such a relatively short time. I had people I’ve never met checking it online and complementing me.”

This led to him mixing with pop royalty as he was asked to perform on the soundtrack for the blockbuster movie Mama Mia! Here We Go Again.

He was delighted to meet ABBA’s Benny Andersson as well as the film’s musical director Anne Dudley, who composed the famous TSB Bank’s Henry’s Theme, which Dave performed in the TV commercial which has been running for six years.

“I had no idea which film it was until I arrived and was told that Benny Anderson of ABBA was there overseeing the music production,” said Dave.

• See and listen to Dave’s wide selection of tunes and follow his career online:

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