Block-down! Councillor calls for increased gully clearance

A LOCAL councillor has stepped up his campaign to persuade Oldham Council bosses to increase work on Saddleworth’s blocked gullies.

The ending of May’s heatwave and increase in rainfall brought a return of pools of standing water across the parish.Cllr Max Woodvine has now written to OMBC’s new cabinet member for neighbourhoods and culture, Cllr Barbara Brownridge, asking for the local authority to carry out more frequent inspections. Presently, gullies are unblocked just once a year.

But Cllr Woodvine says: “I have campaigned for some time to get this policy changed.

“It does not suit Saddleworth in the slightest.”

In his letter to Cllr Brownridge he wrote: “I raised issue with Cllr Ur-Rehman when he held your portfolio that only unblocking gullies once a year will, and does, not suit Saddleworth – which has a unique terrain in comparison to the rest of the Borough.

“Throughout lockdown we have had warm weather, which has provided perfect conditions for unblocking gullies in anticipation of wet weather returning to our villages.

“That wet weather has returned but our gullies are still blocked so the problems we had with flooding and damage to property also return.

“Please will you reconsider this policy and give Saddleworth the treatment it deserves.”

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  1. Perhaps Saddleworth Parish Council should declare U.D.I and set up it’s own gulley cleaning division and charge the cost to O.M.B.C!
    I see Richard Knowles sent a similar complaint about poor maintenance of our gullies to Oldham Couincil in August 2016. Not much improvement then.
    There might be a response [by Oldham Council] if all Saddleowrth people stopped paying their Council Tax until the gulley cleaning is carried out to their satisfaction.
    How about a petition?
    On my daily walks with our dog I see gullies that have had no maintenance for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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