Blues star Kyla Brox to launch new studio album in Mossley

CLEARLY WHEN you are a blues singer of international renown there’s only one place to launch a new studio album… Mossley!

But Kyla Brox couldn’t be happier choosing Vale community arts centre as venue for a first public airing of ‘Throw Away Your Blues’.

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Kyla Brox (Picture by Phil Melia)

Don’t, however, expect to nip out and buy a ticket for the February 27 show as when mum of two Kyla plays a home town gig, the ‘sold out’ signs go up immediately.

But that doesn’t stop her promoting the forthcoming record, discussing life as the youngest of five children to British Blues legend, Victor Brox, and of her enthusiasm for an eclectic mix of music to be found in Mossley and throughout Saddleworth.

Indeed, a fortnight before ‘Throw Away Your Blues’ makes its debut, a band well known to Kyla-Queenie and the Pawns-play a sold out show at Millgate Theatre, Delph to showcase their own new album, ‘Nobody Ever Said.’

“There is so much talent concentrated in this small area,” says Kyla. “We are completely spoilt by such a vibrant scene.

“I probably did my first ever gig without my dad at the Railway in Greenfield. And I am always shocked when I go to open mic nights in other areas because I realise how many amazing musicians and song writers there are round here.”

Kyla was born in Stockport but moved into the area 14 years ago to be with Mossley born and bred Dan Blomeley-husband, song writer, musician and dad.

They tour the UK, Europe and Australia-more so before the arrival of her children, aged three and six- but are happy to return to the hills.

And the Vale’s move into hosting gigs, starting with last month’s jazz collaboration between Matt Nickson and Mads Heide, has excited Kyla, described as the ‘most authentic UK Blues and Soul singer of her generation’.

“The Vale is a dramatic performance space and it’s fantastic for Mossley to have an Arts Centre,” she said over coffee at Caffe Aurora.

“We’re really pleased with how the album sounds and a couple of songs will be videoed on the night to go with its release. One of our friends is lighting designer at Royal Exchange Theatre so it should be special night.”

And don’t be surprised to see dad Victor, now 75, make a guest appearance.

“It has become a regular thing that he comes down whenever we are on and tries to jump up, sing a couple of songs and steal my thunder,” laughs his daughter.

Kyla was born to sing. “I knew by the age of three that’s what I wanted to do. I was in choirs and even had singing lessons with an opera singer for few years.

“She wanted me to follow a classical route and pushed to get into the Royal Northern. By that time I was already playing gigs with my dad. I think the Blues were always calling me.”

‘Throw Away Your Blues’ is released on April 15 but will be available from mid February. For more details visit and for more details on the Vale’s programme visit


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