Borough-wide hunt is on for missing Dobcross tortoise

A HEARTFELT borough-wide plea has gone out from a distraught mother of two in a bid to find her missing tortoise.

MISSING: Clyde the tortoise

Frantic Hayley Broxup has turned eco-detective in a relentless search to locate her missing 12-year-old tortoise Clyde.

The feisty tortoise vanished from the garden of her Dobcross home a month ago and Hayley is convinced he may have climbed into a bin bag and was carried away in a rubbish collection.

The professional carer has been spurred on in her hunt to find her pet after national media reports of another missing tortoise found safe in a rubbish tip in London.

Now in a bid to track Clyde she has distributed colourful ‘wanted’ posters offering a reward across Saddleworth and at refuse collection sites in Oldham and Greater Manchester. 

In a letter to refuse disposal bosses she said she believed Clyde may have climbed into a rubbish bag which contained a cat meat tin.

Hayley with a poster about her missing tortoise

“I did my research as to where the rubbish and the recycling products would be unloaded,” she said.

“I visited a local tipping site but rubbish no longer went there. I was willing to rummage through any amount of rubbish to get him back.

“I then travelled to Chadderton and the South Manchester recycling plant with posters in the hope of someone helping me to locate him.

“After the report of a lady losing her tortoise in exactly the same circumstance then being found I’m determined to press on with my search.

“Clyde is tough. He’s a real fighter. I’m not going to lose hope.

“He’s a big tortoise and very independent. He is always trying to get out of our garden to go exploring. He’s got a really adventurous spirit.”

She added: “Clyde loves the sunshine and if he’s trapped anywhere he will make a big banging sound to get out. He’s certainly not shy.”

Meantime, Clyde’s partner, Bonnie, and their offspring Miracle, are being cared for by Hayley’s two sons, Casey, 14, and James, 12.

If you have any information on Clyde’s whereabouts call Hayley on 07940 955428, on go to Facebook or Twitter @findclyde


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