Brian’s Coffee and Wine Corner: Getting ready for Christmas

Brian Hockenhull, who runs Toast! coffee shop and wine bar in Delph Business Centre, talks about the world of coffee and introduces you to their Coffee and Wine of the Month.

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Brian at TOAST!

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THE FESTIVE season is just around the corner and we’ve been really busy getting things ready here at TOAST!

Of course, it’s great to give and receive presents at this time, but these days I really appreciate experiences rather than yet another jumper.

So this year we’re giving our customers the opportunity to make up their own hamper or gift set from our range. It’s great fun to do and means you can tailor your gift to whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

Coffee of the month

This month I thought I’d mention the wide range of flavoured coffee beans we have that can be ground to your requirements.

Flavours like Christmas pudding, orange brandy, cinnamon, death by chocolate and gingerbread crisp (to name but a few) always seem to be favourites at this time of the year!

Wine of the month

We have three wine recommendations this month which we feel should go down particularly well.

There’s a top class, award winning Rioja (2010 Ondarre Reserva) which is at the top of its game right now and it is definitely one to try.

We also have a wonderful Chablis Premier Cru (2012 Beauroy from Alain Geoffroy) which is just sheer class.

And, finally, as a better alternative to a dessert wine, we have an organic vin d’Alsace (2013 Pinot Blanc from Andre Stentz) which is just full of fruit.



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