Brian’s Wine and Coffee Corner: New additions and growth for 2016

Brian Hockenhull, who runs Toast! coffee shop and wine bar in Delph Business Centre, talks about the world of coffee and introduces you to their Coffee and Wine of the Month.

Brian at TOAST!

For more information,  phone 01457 820 270, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

IT SEEMS like an eternity but it was around this time last year that I found the perfect spot for a coffee roastery which, with more hard work than you can ever imagine, has now been transformed into the cool little den that is TOAST.

I must admit, I never really dreamed TOAST could be as successful as it is, but it looks like the place (and the way we do things) has captured everyone’s imagination.

During 2015 we rolled out so many new ideas that have flown in the face of conventional practices that at times it was hard to keep up.

But we achieved a lot, and the warm support we’ve received from the good people in Saddleworth has been really invigorating, so thank you all!

It’s been great to see people relaxing, having fun and just enjoying themselves, and this year promises to be even better.

We start with a welcome to Simon Woods who is now on board as our wine consultant. Simon lives in Dobcross and has written extensively about wine, as well as judging competitions, and will be holding wine tastings for our private dining club.

Coffee of the Month – Honduras Santa Rosa

This Santa Rosa coffee comes from the western mountainous region of Copan. It is ‘Strictly High Grown’ meaning it is grown at between 1500m – 2000m above the sea level.

Honduras spent many years struggling with processing and poor transportation. But, thanks to development and training, and its superb climate and soil, Honduras is starting to bring some stunning coffees to the market, and this is one of them.

It has a wonderful aroma, an intense and rich coffee, with plenty of vibrant acidity and flavours of cocoa and nutmeg. This coffee is delicious with milk, where some nutty sweetness appears.

This month’s wine recommendation – Paul Mas Cuvee Secrete

This is a stunning “no added sulphur” wine from Paul Mas in the Languedoc that is going down particularly well in TOAST.

With 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Franc, the wine captures the warmth of the southern-French sunshine in juicy black fruit flavours and there’s a herbal/spicy finish which is nicely appetising.

This is an organic wine which is suitable for vegans, so, coupled with no added sulphur we have something very natural with little in the way of additives – an ideal way to start the New Year.


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