Bridge of sighs! Graffiti vandal on Greenfield spree

A Graffiti tagger is being sought after a centuries old Saddleworth pack horse bridge was daubed with white paint.

The bridge, across Chew Brook in Greenfield, dates back to the early 18th century though the route has been used since Roman times.

Now, over the weekend of November 3-4, three distinctive tags have been sprayed onto the stonework of the historic river crossing.

Other graffiti has appeared along Oak View Road, including walls and lamp post, leading to Manchester Road where a road sign was also defaced earlier this year.

Oldham Council has been contacted with a view to removing the unsightly markings and confirmed they will deal with the  incidents within 10 working days.

Anyone with information about the incidents can contact OMBC’s Environmental Services team on 0161 770 4056 or email

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