Bridges Estate Agents: How your agent can take the stress out of selling

Bridges Estate Agents: How your agent can take the stress out of selling 

BOTH BUYING and selling a property can be a stressful time, and this can be even more daunting if you have not moved for many years, and many of our clients here at Bridges have not.

However, there are ways in which we can make this process smoother.

Viewings are the first step in securing an offer on your property. Conducting your own viewings can give you greater flexibility on appointment times to suit you, and your knowledge of the property will be incredibly valuable when showing people round.

For some people however, this aspect of the property sales process can be extremely stressful or inconvenient, and this is where your agent can step in.

It is easily possible to arrange for your chosen agent to conduct your viewings and can be extremely beneficial if you plan on going abroad, if you selling a property at a great distance from where you live or simply when large quantities of viewings begin to take place.

At Bridges, we can also offer assisted viewings where an agent can come along at the same time as you are conducting a viewing, which can give you a little help if required.

An estate agent will also then deal with requests for second viewings, queries about the property and most importantly any offers to secure you the best price.

At Bridges we also safely hold all the details related to your previous viewings and feedbacks.

Your agent is here to offer advice on how best to market the property online, and will take pictures which best represent your house, as well as adding a comprehensive description and an easy-to-read floor plan.

At Bridges, we can also supply a list of well-regarded local solicitors, and we will liaise with both these and surveyors on your behalf.

If you would like any more information, feel free to call anytime: 01457 871845.


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