Call for licensing to tackle late night noise in Uppermill

EXCESSIVE and loud noise from Uppermill bars and pubs needs to be brought under control, say Saddleworth Parish Councillors.

Uppermill High Street

The council voted at its June meeting to write to Oldham Council’s licensing department to ask what it is doing about addressing the issue in the busy village.

The problem was raised at the meeting by Uppermill residents who say they are fed up of being disturbed and kept awake by loud music until the early hours.

Josie Campbell explained: “How is it when there are events at the Civic Hall they have to stop loud music by 11pm but the pubs and bars can play music as loud as they want all night?

“The music levels we have to put up with are ridiculous.

“Even when they have music on inside we can sometimes hear it in our houses.

“It is a residential area and they should have to stop at a reasonable time.

“Living near me are two young couples and a young family as well as elderly people so it’s affecting everyone.

“We have been in touch with the licensing department at Oldham Council and are still waiting for a reply.

“We don’t feel the establishments are being monitored properly and residents’ concerns are not being listened to.”

Kim Malcolm, in a public question to the Parish Council, added: “After the tragic events at Christmas resulting in the death of a man, I wondered what has been done to protect local residents from anti-social behaviour which is being encouraged by the late opening of some village establishments?

“I’d also like to address the closing times of licensed businesses and understand exactly why in a tiny village with less than 30 shops, anywhere needs to be open past 11pm with live music licenses until midnight?

“I’d like to hear feedback from local businesses on what they are doing to work alongside residents to dispel our anguish and work together in providing a compromise to the excessive drinking, loud music, drug taking and general anti-social behaviour.”

Cllr Graham Sheldon, who sits on Oldham’s licensing committee, said: “Lots of the pubs and bars are banging out the music very loud at all hours.

“It is up to us and Oldham Council to tackle this and sort it out.

“It is a busy village and we cannot do anything about that but we can make sure the establishments are considerate about the music and what time it is stopping at.”

Cllr Pam Byrne added: “Delph clock was stopped because of one complaint!

“We might not be able to stop music in Uppermill completely but we can abate it a little.”

Cllr Neil Allsopp advised residents to keep a ‘nuisance diary’ of when and where the music is as evidence, especially if one establishment is being a persistent nuisance.

Councillors voted unanimously for the Parish Council to write on behalf of Uppermill residents to see what Oldham Council’s licensing department is doing to address the problem.

3 Replies to “Call for licensing to tackle late night noise in Uppermill”

  1. Would prefer far more attention being paid to the excessive speed of traffic entering the village via Oldham Road from Greevnfield and the moronic
    Vin Deisil Wannabees whacking it through the village back to Oldham in chases of 60/70 mph, and the noise level from their doctored vehicles !Ian William Jones

  2. Terrible noise level from motor bikes in Delph especially at bank holidays and weekends
    Can nothing be done about these excessive noise levels bikes riding around and around all day long
    It’s getting impossible to sit in the garden near Delph crossroads and have a pleasant afternoon or early evening repose

  3. Correction to the time of stopping music at the Civic Hall. It is 10pm it has to stop not 11pm as stated in the article.

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