Calls for CCTV as fly tippers keep dumping waste at community site

AN ANGRY community stalwart has hit out at thoughtless fly-tippers after rubbish was dumped rubbish yet again at a centre in Greenfield.

Some of the rubbish dumped at the Centre

Pam Byrne, a trustee at the Boarshurst Centre, was angered to find the large box of rubbish abandoned in their car park – just hours before a large group booking at the venue.

Cllr Byrne, also a Saddleworth Parish Councillor, said: “Tipping at the Boarshurst Centre, which is used by groups from all over the world, is becoming a real problem.

“Dog walkers have been using our bins to deposit poo bags for some time. We changed our large bin to two lockable bins to stop this but to no avail.

“We have recently had deposited packaging from a large delivery of something, old kitchen units, and other people’s rubbish.

“Now on the carpark has been dumped a box which contained a barbeque but now contains the smelly detritus from said barbeque.

“When groups use the Centre they do expect the bins to be empty for their use as the Centre is self-catering and bin emptying is a service we pay for.

“We will have to consider cameras and if possible name and shame the miscreants as this cannot continue.”

The Boarshurst Centre is owned by Boarshurst Educational Foundation and is home to Saddleworth Outdoor Pursuits Association.

The centre, built in 1811 as Boarshurst School, boasts a garden, dorms to sleep 32, a kitchen, communal rooms, laundry facilities, and toilets and showers.

It is often hired out by local groups, including Oldham Mountain Rescue Team, Duke of Edinburgh groups, scouts and rainbows, who use the facilities before heading to the hills.

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