Calls for Uppermill to host Remembrance Sunday service as alternative to Pots and Pans ceremony

AN additional Remembrance Sunday service could be staged in Uppermill next year.

Jill Collins Christine Pogson and Joyce Collins at Uppermill cenotaph

Hundreds of locals make an annual trip to the monument at Pots and Pans overlooking Saddleworth’s villages.

But many more find it difficult to make the climb to the top of the famous 1,200-foot hill.

A number of residents gathered at the memorial in St Chad’s Gardens for an unofficial observance of Remembrance Sunday.

Now, a group of them are hoping to introduce a more formal ceremony in 2020.

They have already started the search for a bugler from among local brass bands to play the Last Post at 11am followed by the Reveille.

Christine Pogson said: “I realise the service has always been at Pots and Pans and I have no issue with that.

“But some people are unable to get up there and would prefer to pay their respects by the memorial in the park.

“This year, because there was no bugler, no one really knew when it was actually 11am.

“Some people were still talking and it was all a bit disappointing.

“The Remembrance on a Sunday is the only option for those who lost relatives in the two World Wars and other conflicts to pay their respects.”

Uppermill’s yearly service of remembrance took place on Monday, November 4. There was a secondary service and two minutes silence on Armistice Day.

Alison Clowes from Saddleworth Royal British Legion said: “The Remembrance services are run and mainly organised by Oldham Council.

“We, as the RBL local branches, assist them on the day of the services.

“I understand people may not be able to climb up to Pots and Pans for the main Saddleworth service on Remembrance Sunday.

“That’s why we have the service of dedication on the Monday before the Sunday. Also on Remembrance Day we do our best to attend the memorial in Uppermill.

“But on Remembrance Sunday there is a shortage of ministers and also bugle players to be able to stretch ourselves even thinner and further afield.

“So, we wouldn’t be able to add another service in on Remembrance Sunday at 11am.”

Oldham Council has been asked for a comment on the possibility of staging an 11am Remembrance Sunday service in 2020.

• Do you know a bugler willing to play next year? Email Trevor Baxter at and we will pass on your details.

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