Campaigners hand in petitions for improved safety on Dobcross roads

CAMPAIGNING members of a village group demanding safer roads have handed two petitions to a local councillor.The move by the Dobcross Road Safety Group is the latest step in their drive to highlight problems in the area.

One petition requests Oldham Council improve a narrow and dangerously exposed footpath on the bridge opposite Ladcastle Road.

The second calls for a reduction in road speed limits to a 20mph lockdown for the whole village.

Both petitions have been well supported by Dobcross residents concerned with the number of accidents on roads and safety of pedestrians, particularly families and young children walking to and from Holy Trinity Primary School.

The group has gathered 465 signatures for the narrow footpath petition and 473 signatures for the speed limit clampdown.

Cllr Pam Byrne, a ward councillor who also sits on Saddleworth Parish Council, along with Parish councillor Max Woodvine, is supportive of both campaigns.

She has agreed to hand the petitions to Oldham Council for review, which is likely to be after January due to the General Election on December 12.

Safety fears have grown in the village since the campaigns started in March after numerous accidents including a serious crash involving a motorbike and cars on Delph New Road in August.

During the last few months, several cars and properties have been damaged on Wall Hill Road after being hit by cars and vans in separate incidents, as well car accidents on Dobcross New Road.

Campaigners highlight growing concerns including refuse collection lorries, buses, HGVs and tractors mounting the narrow pavement on the bridge opposite Ladcastle on a regular basis.

Spotlighting speed limit issues, the group says there are several places, including Platt Lane and Wall Hill Road, without footpaths so a 20mph speed limit would generally make it safer for walkers.

Petitioners argue it has been proven in areas where the speed limit has been reduced to 20mph that casualties from road traffic accidents reduces by 20 per cent.

Jayne Gibson, from Dobcross Road Safety Group, said: “I would like to thank residents who have expressed their concern and support by taking the time to sign the petitions, as well as volunteers who have knocked on doors to obtain signatures.”

Cllr Byrne added: “I will be handing the petitions in with main support from our young Parish councillor Max Woodvine.

“I hope the petition will have Oldham Council support and be the start of a much-needed recognition of safety and speed limits in an area close to the school which has urban traffic in a rural area.”

Residents are reminded to continue to report accidents or concerns regarding road or pedestrian safety, actual incidents or near misses, to Oldham Council:

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