Can-ine you believe it! New pet networking group is the cat’s whiskers for locals

Words by Louis Stowe

NETWORKING events for Saddleworth pet care businesses and pet owners could become a regular occurrence after a successful first meeting.

Around 50 people, including dog walkers, groomers and pet shop owners, attended Katja Londa’s inaugural free get-together at the Royal George, Greenfield.

Rachel Bean and Katja Londa

Founded by veterinary surgeon Katja with help from veterinary nurse Rachael Bean, and Rosie Littlewood, Saddleworth Pet Networking aims to help local pet care professionals expand their network and to discuss and answer a variety of topics for pet owners.

“I was so amazed by how many people turned up,” said Katja, owner and founder of Pets Relaxed.
“I wasn’t expecting quite so many at all and everyone seemed to have a good time.”

She now says she plans to continue these group events in the near future.

“There aren’t any official plans just yet, but we do hope to have several of those meetings,” confirmed Katja.

“It would be good to include more pet owners as well.

“It might be something like every three months or twice a year, we don’t know yet.

“We do hope to offer some valuable information for people.

“It isn’t just about getting together and talking, but we’ll also discuss some interesting, pet related topics.”

Katja’s Pets Relaxed business brings her veterinarian services to your home, instead of owners having to go to the vet.

“I mainly set that up because I’ve seen just how stressed out pets get when they have to go to the vets, and I wanted to do something about that,” she added.

“People always tell me that they haven’t taken to their pets to the vets in ages because they’re absolutely dreading it since it’s stressful for everybody involved.”

To get in touch about Pet Networking or Pets Relaxed, email: or call: 07399 983173.

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