Caring villages take action to help clean up dog poop

CARING villagers are coming up with clever ideas to help make their area dog poo free.

Love Lydgate, the residents’ group dedicated to improving the local area, has installed a dog poo bag dispenser to encourage walkers to clean up after their pets.The group paid JRB enterprises about £80 for the unit, which is attached to the wall by St Anne’s Church Hall, and will cover the ongoing cost of bags at approximately £18 per 100.

Anybody can help themselves to a bag from the unit and so make sure they do not leave behind any mess while out in the local area walking their pets.

Jennifer Greenwood, chair of Love Lydgate, said: “Dog fouling is a real problem across all the villages and has been discussed at the Community Forum and at Saddleworth Parish Council meetings too.

“It really is a health hazard for both other dogs and humans. It is also very unpleasant.

“We are so lucky to live in such lovely areas and have wonderful walks to enjoy with our pets.

“We know it is only a few individuals but they spoil things for everyone and give dog walkers and dogs a bad name.

“People can be fined for not picking up after their dogs but you have to catch them in the act, which isn’t easy.

“We thought that encouraging best practise might be the way to go – but it is a shame money raised by the community to buy plants etc has to be spent on these items because of the thoughtlessness of the few.

“We know the bags are being used and we are really pleased people seem to be realising what they have to do.

“It is just a shame that some people take the bags, pick up the poo and then hang the bag in a tree!

“We hope we will become a dog poo free village! We would like to thank all those responsible dog owners and Oldham Council, who regularly empty the bins, for helping us achieve our goal.”

The hard-working group has also been getting hands on to tidy up the area, including a recent event to cut back an overgrown pathway popular with dog walkers.

Jennifer added: “We turned out to clear the path to make it a pleasant walk for dog walkers and others.

“This is what most dog walkers are like – responsible, good-natured and keen to make the best of our environment.

“Hopefully others will stop leaving dog poo and plastic bags with dog poo in it!”

Find out more about dog fouling and cleaning up after your pet on the Oldham Council website:

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