Championship fixtures announced for new cricket Pennine League

jPs-ik8uHere are the Championship fixtures for the new J W Lees Pennine League that has been created following a merger of the Saddleworth and District Cricket League and the CLL.

Friarmere, Micklehurst, Moorside and Uppermill are the local sides competing in the Championship while Austerlands, Greenfield and Saddleworth feature in the Premier Division.

The new league begins with an inaugural match between Norden and Saddleworth, the 2015 champions of the respective leagues.

Start times: 12.30pm in April; 1pm May 1 to August 20 inclusive; 13.30pm to end of August except T20 finals day at 10.30am; noon in September.

Saturday April 23: Inaugural match (friendly fixture): Norden v Saddleworth (venue to be confirmed).

Sunday April 24: Ashton v Shaw; Friarmere v Oldham; Heyside v Hollinwood; Stayley v Micklehurst; Uppermill v Moorside; Werneth v Milnrow.

Saturday April 30: Hollinwood v Ashton; Micklehurst v Heyside; Milnrow v Stayley; Moorside v Werneth; Oldham v Uppermill; Shaw v Friarmere.

Sunday, May 1: Ashton v Friarmere; Heyside v Milnrow; Hollinwood v Micklehurst; Stayley v Moorside; Uppermill v Shaw; Werneth v Oldham.

Saturday, May 7: Friarmere v Uppermill; Micklehurst v Ashton; Milnrow v Hollinwood; Moorside v  Heyside; Oldham v Stayley; Shaw  v  Werneth.

Sunday, May 8: Wood Cup preliminary round (Burton Cup 2nd XI vice versa) also ECB Cup: Walsden v Werneth; Uppermill v Hollinwood; Rochdale v Micklehurst; Ashton v Middleton; Friarmere v Shaw; Milnrow v Oldham; Royton v Crompton; Heyside v Stayley. Byes: Austerlands, Glodwick, Greenfield, Littleborough, Monton & Weaste, Moorside. Norden, Saddleworth

Saturday, May 14: Ashton v Uppermill; Heyside v Oldham; Hollinwood v Moorside; Micklehurst v Milnrow; Stayley v Shaw; Werneth v Friarmere.

Sunday, May 15: Reserve day for Wood Cup and Burton Cup, preliminary round.

Saturday, May 21: Friarmere v Stayley; Milnrow v Ashton; Moorside v Micklehurst; Oldham v Hollinwood; Shaw v Heyside; Uppermill v Werneth.

Sunday, May 22: LCB Cup, first round.

Saturday, May 28: Heyside v Friarmere; Hollinwood v Shaw; Micklehurst v Oldham; Milnrow v Moorside; Stayley v Uppermill; Werneth v Ashton.

Sunday, May 29: Wood Cup, first round (Burton Cup 2nd X1 vice versa): Norden v Monton & Weaste; Greenfield v Uppermill or Hollinwood; Ashton or Middleton v Littleborough; Heyside or Stayley v Austerlands; Friarmere or Shaw v Moorside; Saddleworth v Glodwick; Walsden or Werneth v Royton or Crompton; Rochdale or Micklehurst v Milnrow or Oldham.

Monday, May 30: Reserve day Wood Cup and Burton Cup, first round.

Friday June 3: T 20 Competition Match 1. Group A: Monton & Weaste v Moorside; Heyside v Stayley; Norden v Micklehurst. Group B: Milnrow v Royton; Glodwick v Crompton; Hollinwood v Ashton. Group C: Walsden v Werneth, Littleborough v Saddleworth; Shaw v Middleton. Group D: Oldham v Greenfield; Uppermill v Friarmere; Rochdale v Austerlands.

Saturday, June 4: Ashton v Moorside; Friarmere v Hollinwood; Oldham v Milnrow; Shaw v Micklehurst; Uppermill v Heyside; Werneth v Stayley.

Sunday June 5: Readers Inter League Trophy   (Group B), round one. Seniors: Greater Manchester League v Pennine League (venue to be confirmed); Colts, Pennine League v Greater Manchester League (venue to be confirmed).

Friday June 10: T20 Competition Match 2. Group A: Stayley v Monton & Weaste; Micklehurst v Moorside; Norden v Heyside. Group B: Crompton v Milnrow, Ashton v Royton; Hollinwood v Glodwick. Group C: Saddleworth v Walsden, Middleton v Werneth; Shaw v Littleborough. Group D: Friarmere v Oldham, Austerlands v Greenfield; Rochdale v Uppermill.

Saturday, June 11: Heyside v Werneth; Hollinwood v Uppermill; Micklehurst v Friarmere; Milnrow v Shaw; Moorside v Oldham; Stayley v Ashton.

Sunday, June 12: LCB Cup, second round.

Friday June 17: T 20 Competition Match 3. Group A: Monton & Weaste v Micklehurst; Stayley v Norden, Moorside v Heyside. Group B: Milnrow v Ashton; Crompton v Hollinwood; Royton v Glodwick. Group C: Walsden v Middleton, Saddleworth v Shaw, Werneth v Littleborough. Group D: Oldham v Austerlands; Friarmere v Rochdale; Greenfield v Uppermill.

Saturday June 18: Ashton v Oldham; Friarmere v Milnrow; Shaw v Moorside; Stayley v Heyside; Uppermill v Micklehurst; Werneth v Hollinwood.

Sunday, June 19: Tanner Cup and Moore Cup, first round. Also ECB Cup.

Saturday, June 25: Heyside v Ashton; Hollinwood v Stayley; Micklehurst v Werneth; Milnrow v Uppermill; Moorside v Friarmere; Oldham v Shaw.

Sunday, June 26: Wood Cup, Tanner Cup, Burton Cup, Moore Cup, second rounds.

Friday July 1: T20 Competition Match 4. Group A: Norden v Monton & Weaste; Micklehurst v Heyside; Moorside v Stayley. Group B: Hollinwood v Milnrow; Ashton v Glodwick; Royton v Crompton. Group C: Shaw v Walsden, Middleton v Littleborough; Werneth v Saddleworth. Group D: Rochdale v Oldham; Austerlands v Uppermill; Greenfield v Friarmere.

Saturday, July 2: Hollinwood v Heyside; Micklehurst v Stayley; Milnrow v Werneth; Moorside v Uppermill; Oldham v Friarmere; Shaw v Ashton.

Sunday, July 3: LCB Cup, third round.

Friday July 8: T 20 Competition Match 5. Group A: Heyside v Monton & Weaste; Moorside v Norden, Micklehurst v Stayley. Group B: Glodwick v Milnrow; Royton v Hollinwood; Ashton v Crompton. Group C: Littleborough v Walsden, Werneth v Shaw; Middleton v Saddleworth. Group D: Uppermill v Oldham; Greenfield v Rochdale; Austerlands v Friarmere.

Saturday, July 9: Ashton v Hollinwood; Friarmere v Shaw; Heyside v Micklehurst; Stayley v Milnrow; Uppermill v Oldham; Werneth v Moorside.

Sunday, July 10: Readers Inter-League Trophy, second round. :     Readers Inter League Trophy, second round. Seniors:  Possibly vacant, fixture to be confirmed.  Liverpool Competition v round one losers. Colts: Pennine League v Bolton League (confirmed fixture, venue to be decided).

Friday: July 15: T 20 quarter finals (top two from each of four groups, group winners at home).

Saturday, July 16: Friarmere v Ashton; Micklehurst v Hollinwood; Milnrow v Heyside; Moorside v Stayley; Oldham v Werneth; Shaw v Uppermill.

Sunday, July 17: Wood Cup, Tanner Cup, Burton Cup, Moore Cup, semi finals.

Saturday, July 23: Ashton v Micklehurst; Heyside v Moorside; Hollinwood v Milnrow; Stayley v Oldham; Uppermill v Friarmere; Werneth v Shaw.

Sunday, July 24: LCB Cup, quarter finals.

Saturday, July 30: Friarmere v Werneth; Milnrow v Micklehurst; Moorside v Hollinwood; Oldham v Heyside; Shaw v Stayley; Uppermill v Ashton.

Sunday, July 31: Burton Cup, Moore Cup finals, also ECB Cup.

Saturday, August 6: Ashton v Milnrow; Heyside v Shaw; Hollinwood v Oldham; Micklehurst v Moorside; Stayley v Friarmere; Werneth v Uppermill.

Sunday, August 7: Wood Cup final.

Saturday, August 13: Ashton v Werneth; Friarmere v Heyside; Moorside v Milnrow; Oldham v Micklehurst; Shaw v Hollinwood; Uppermill v Stayley.

Sunday, August 14: Tanner Cup final. Also Readers Inter-League Trophy, semi-final. Seniors:  Possibly vacant. Fixture to be confirmed. Winners  Round 1 v Winners Round 2. Colts: Liverpool Competition v Pennine League (venue to be confirmed).

Saturday, August 20: Heyside v Uppermill; Hollinwood v Friarmere; Micklehurst v Shaw; Milnrow v Oldham; Moorside v Ashton; Stayley v Werneth.

Sunday, August 21: T20 Competition, semi finals and final. Venue to be confirmed.

Saturday, August 27: Ashton v Stayley; Friarmere v Micklehurst; Oldham v Moorside; Shaw v Milnrow; Uppermill v Hollinwood; Werneth v Heyside.

Sunday, August 28: Reserve day, Wood Cup and Tanner Cup finals.

Monday, August 29: Readers Inter-League Trophy final. Group B winners (home) v group A winners.

Saturday, September 3: Heyside v Stayley; Hollinwood v Werneth; Micklehurst v Uppermill; Milnrow v Friarmere; Moorside v Shaw; Oldham v Ashton.

Sunday, September 4: Reserve day, Burton Cup and Moore Cup finals.

Sunday, September 10: Ashton v Heyside; Friarmere v Moorside; Shaw v Oldham; Stayley v Hollinwood; Uppermill v Milnrow; Werneth v Micklehurst.

Sunday, September 11: LCB Cup final.

Saturday, September 17: Play-off match, third promotion place/relegation.

Sunday, September 18: Reserve day, play-off match.


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