Cheerleaders Storm to success at their first national championships

SADDLEWORTH Storm had a lot to cheer about as they finished third at the UKCA National Schools Cheerleading Championships, which was their first ever official competition.

The team, captained by Hannah Stewart and Calese Davis, competed in the L2 cheerleading category and all schools put on a great show.

They were beaten by two very deserving teams but the judges gave lots of feedback so they have plenty to work on for next year to hopefully gain second place or even become national champions.

Saddleworth’s ‘Star Leader’ Charlotte Kershaw was talent spotted by Panthers Cheer Club for her outstanding leadership skills and ability to motivate an entire stadium full of children. She received a mention and special medal for her dance leadership skills.

Saddleworth Storm took part in the cheer limbo and had two finalists – Sophia Wood and Rayana Bushara – in the 50cm final.

The Saddleworth Storm squad comprised captain Hannah Stewart, vice-captain Calese Davis, Abigail Yates, Alice Brooks, Amelie Dunning, Amy Chadwick, Ava Hewitt, Caitlin Jones, Charlotte Kershaw, Ella Wilson, Enya Russell, Evie Newton, Faron Taylor, Francesca Lester-Smith, Hannah Rhodes, Hattie Baker, Jamie-Leigh Norton, Kaci Davis, Katie Connor, Madeleine Byrom, Maisie Connolly, Martha King, Olivia Leach, Rayana Bushara, Sadie Bardsley, Scarlett Broadhurst, and Sophia Wood.

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