Clamours for Diggle bus turning circle to be restored

CONCERNED RESIDENTS and councillors are calling for action to restore a crucial bus turning circle in Diggle and avoid a significant accident.

The turning circle at Lee Side, Diglea, has been closed to buses for just more than a year after a partial collapse of the retaining wall on the road left the area unsafe.

But resident Paul Hayes claims the closure has led to buses carrying out dangerous turning manoeuvres nearby instead, with an accident waiting to happen.

He said: “I’m growing more and more concerned about the buses not being able to use their turning circle.

Lesley Brown
CONCERNED: Cllr Lesley Brown

“They have been reversing up or down outside the Diggle Hotel and there have been several near misses with pedestrians and vehicles coming around the corner.

“Recently, a young girl on a horse nearly got backed over as the bus reversed and the horse could not get out of the way quickly.

“This situation can not carry on for much longer, especially as the darker nights draw in and there could be a significant accident.”

Saddleworth Parish Councillor Lesley Brown added: “It’s a really dangerous situation and something needs to be done about it to help the buses as well as avoid any accidents.”

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Oldham Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Planning and Transport, responded: “Following checks by council staff it was found the condition of the retaining wall supporting the access road had deteriorated.

“This meant the road would not be able to carry the weight of buses so we closed it.

“We know this isn’t ideal but we made this decision in the interests of public safety and ask people to bear with us until we can carry out work on the retaining wall.”

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