Cleaning up-company’s changing sign of the times

A GREENFIELD company is marking Random Act of Kindness Day (RAKD) by sprucing up company language with new cleaning signage.

With input from their Clean Team, Robert Scott and Sons has created a set of free, downloadable signs for different areas from communal kitchens and public bathrooms to staff rooms and janitorial cupboards.

They are designed to empower facillity managers and janitorial staff to be the friendly voice of the industry and remove noticeboard negativity once and for all.

They are being  introduced to inject some goodwill across the workplace ahead of RKAD on Sunday, February 17.

Sales Director Alastair Scott, said: “We’ve all come across those signs in public spaces, often written in angry, bold lettering and probably underlined in red with a misplaced apostrophe or two.

“While it doesn’t really instill positivity in the workplace, the signs are often doing an important job to remind people to be considerate of others and to keep things clean and tidy.

“We saw an opportunity to inject a bit of fun and a little cleaning know-how into creating a selection of signs that will continue to convey those important messages.

“But with a brighter, friendlier tone that will hopefully encourage more people to oblige and make for a nicer environment for everyone.

“We would encourage people to share their pictures with us on social media to help us in our mission to rid the workplace of those passive, aggressive posts once and for all.”

“Robert Scott manufactures a large volume of its own products in the UK and employs 230 staff across six sites in the north west including Saddleworth.

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