Climbing legend leads fundraising for Nepal

A CLIMBING legend from Saddleworth is spearheading a heart-touching appeal to raise funds for families devastated by earthquakes in Nepal.

Paul Braithwaite is introducing a high profile lecture by photographer John Beatty, who is famed as an inspirational and captivating speaker.

Money raised by the ‘Adventures in the Wild’ presentation on Friday, July 3 at the Civic Hall in Uppermill will go directly to helping Community Action Nepal (CAN).

p7 paul braithwaite
Paul Braithwaite

The UK-based charity has helped raise standards of living and strengthened culture by providing schools, health posts and supporting hydroelectric and other projects.

Mr Braithwaite is a trustee of the charity founded by mountaineer Doug Scott, whose aim is to help some of the world’s poorest people – the mountain people of Nepal.

He will be supported by Andrew Taylor of Oldham Mountain Rescue Team who recently returned from Nepal with colleague Denzil Broadhurst after being caught up in the avalanche terror.

Mr Braithwaite specialises in alpine and international expedition climbing and is credited with putting up 25 new rock-climbing routes.

Together with Nick Estcourt, he solved the problem of the highly technical rock band barring access to Everest’s summit on Sir Chris Bonington’s famous 1975 ‘Everest the Hard Way’ expedition.

Mr Braithwaite, who has been heavily involved with fundraising to help cover the cost of running CAN, said: “I have many fond memories of Nepal and it’s people, particularly those in the high mountain regions which have been so devastatingly affected by the earthquakes.

“I feel compelled to help raise money which will go some way to helping with rebuilding schools, health posts and other initiatives.

“The quakes have completely refocused the objectives of the charity. Most of our projects and achievements, if not completely destroyed, require extensive repairs.”

Mr Beatty is one of the most exciting and inspiring nature, travel and adventure photographers around.

His stimulating adventures cover rafting down the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon, filming the volcanic eruption in Iceland and celebrating round a campfire with primitive Kalahari Bushmen.

‘Adventures in the Wild’ will be held on Friday, July 3 at 7pm at the Uppermill Civic Hall. There will be an auction and sale of Nepalese goods and a licensed bar.

Tickets, £10 each, are available online from:

Cheques payable to CAN.


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