Come rain or shine?

Jon Baylis gives a weather forecast for Saddleworth for the next few days…

JULY has been another decent summer month, warmer and much drier than average.

Recently we’ve had some welcome rain and there are signs that the very warm to hot weather might return.

Thursday Aug 2: Sunny spells to start. Cloud increasing with a chance of a few showers later in the day. Very warm and humid. Max 24°C.

Friday: Cloudy morning with perhaps a few spots of rain. Cloud breaking into the afternoon with some bright spells breaking through. Feeling hot in any sunshine. Max 24°C.

Saturday: A lovely day. Sunny spells, mainly dry and again temperatures well above average. Max 25°C.

Sunday: Hot with sunny spells with a risk of an isolated shower which could be thundery. Max 25°C.

Outlook: High pressure in charge but its position is crucial. If it’s slightly west then although dry and settled, temperatures would be around average.

Any set up arises giving us southeasterly winds, it will push up the hot air from southern England with temperatures in the late-20s.

At the moment it favours settling in the west so temperatures dropping to the early 20s but plenty of dry weather to come.

July 2018 Statistics (up to 30th):
Max: 28.4°C (26th)
Min: 10.3°C (25th)
Average: 18.3°C
Wettest: 18.0mm (29th)
Windiest: 34mph
Rain: 44.0mm (55% of average)
Rain Days: 10
Dry Days: 20

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