Competition: Policeman Pete and the hungry sheep

It was a cold day in January and it had been snowing in the little village of Diggle for over a week.

The village school had closed and all the cars had stopped. There were no buses and everyone had to walk, even Policeman Pete.

All the children in the village were so excited to see the snow, that they ran around throwing snowballs and building snowmen.

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It was too deep for any sledging but they didn’t mind, this was great fun.

Mischievous Adam, Farmer Bill’s son, even wanted to put Policeman Pete’s hat on his snowman.

Policeman Pete was too busy to build snowmen today. He was working hard helping Farmer Bill clear the snow away from the roads with the big digger.

The snow was so heavy that Policeman Pete decided to open the church hall so the villagers could meet there.

Old Mr Allan and Mr and Mrs Logan went to the church for hot soup and cups of tea because their homes had no electricity.

The church hall was lovely and warm. Reverend Tims had a roaring fire going in the big fireplace and was giving out blankets so everyone could keep warm. Mrs Pollitt was busy dishing out the hot soup and cups of tea.

Just then Policeman Pete came into the church, huffing and puffing, to speak to Reverend Tims.

‘Something important must have happened, just look at Policeman Pete’s bright red cheeks!’ whispered Mrs. Pollitt.

Policeman Pete turned to the villagers and told them that Farmer Bill had managed to clear a passageway through the snow. They found a big flock of hungry sheep on the other side.

The sheep had come down off the moor in search of food and shelter.

Policeman Pete asked the men if they would help Farmer Bill to herd the sheep into the school yard. They could now shelter under the trees and keep warm in the bicycle shed.

Farmer Bill then went back up to his farm with Lee, his nephew, to load the tractor and trailer with hay and food for the hungry sheep. The sheep were so happy they kept baaabaaa-ing all the time.

Everyone looked after each other that day, even the sheep.

Policeman Pete went home and sat in front of his fire to warm his feet and smiled at the unforgettable day and a job well done.

About the author

Barbara, a former nurse from Denshaw, has so far written 16 Policeman Pete books for young children, and even draws the illustrations herself.

She bases her characters on real life people and uses her own experiences, as well as those of her children Sarah and Adam, to create the stories.

Her books are sold at Countryside Kids and the Post Office, both in Uppermill, online at Amazon and Waterstones and also on her website:

Has one of our local policemen been helping out you or someone you know in the community?

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