Corkmaster: Rosé rules

WINE EXPERT Bob Marshall reveals what you should be looking for in the perfect rosé…

PINK WINES, rosé wines, blush wines – call them what you will, there is a huge selection to choose from at your local wine shop.

Once upon a time there were maybe half a dozen rose wines to choose from but now there has been an explosion in wine drinking habits and rosé styles have benefited the most.

WINE EXPERT: Bob Marshall
WINE EXPERT: Bob Marshall

A good pink wine should be light and crisp with a noticeable freshness and occasionally with a slight spritz which highlights that youthfulness.

The countries traditionally associated with producing rosé wines are Portugal, Spain and France, especially from the vineyards in Provence and the Loire.

Today every wine-producing area in the world produces good pink wines and they come in many different styles.

Even the colours of these wines vary from pale onion skin colour through to deep brick-dust and from light dry styles through to fairly full bodied styles.

The most delicate of these wines come from Italy and the Rioja region of northern Spain while the weightier wines come from the warmer vineyard areas of Australia and California.

These could be described as The Rambo of rosés and have in depth flavours of ripe strawberries and red currents.

With the sun climbing high in the sky over Saddleworth this is the best time to sit in the garden and sip light, crisp rosé wines either on its own or with simple plates of prawns or smoked chicken salads.

Pink wines range in price from £5.00 to £10.00 and are meant for immediate drinking and enjoyment so there is no value in storing them for the future.

Purchasing a few different types of rosé from different countries is an interesting experience and vinous adventure.

Personal recommendations would be Chile, France (especially from the Rhone Valley) and Italy, where they are called Romato which means rust.

It is certainly worth a visit to the Wine Vault in Uppermill to seek out some of these wines and maybe the knowledgeable staff there will have a chilled bottle or two open for tasting.

Enjoy. Bob the wine.

Family business Saddleworth Wine Vault has access to more than to 3000 wines and 300 spirits. Visit them at 72 High Street, Uppermill, ring 01457 238924, email or visit their website:

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