Creative Greenfield gardener crafts festive treat

TWINKLING WITH 100 colourful lights, two special sentinels welcomed visitors with festive cheer to a Greenfield home at Christmas…

p32 myra reindeer
Myra with the reindeer

The wooden reindeer were the creation of gardener Damian Shiel, 49, who carved the models for his mother Myra to place outside her home on Spring Grove.

He spent hours lovingly whittling away in his workshop underneath her kitchen to make the reindeer before adding lights to make them sparkle.

And delighted mother-of-four Myra, 86, stood them in pride of place by her front door to show off to passers-by, with the bright lights shining out every evening.

“When the lights are twinkling the reindeer look like they are moving and dancing, so I called them Prancer and Dancer,” Myra explained.

“Damian has done a fantastic job and the reindeer are wonderful. A few people have even brought their children to look at them!

“Quite a few friends have shown an interest in Damian’s wood creations, especially the reindeer, and asked if he can make them one too.

p32 myra reindeer2
TWINKLING: The reindeer lit up at night

“He does a lot of wood modelling and it’s a hobby he enjoys, but he is an outdoor person and wouldn’t like to be in the workshop all the time and he is always so busy.”

Damian, who lives on Grove Street, runs his own gardening business in Saddleworth and enjoys walking across the moors and in the Lake District.

“He is the only one of my children who is interested in gardening like me, and over the years I have taught him my tricks, learning by trial and error,” added Myra.

“I have always loved gardening and decorating outside my home but can not do as much myself these days so Damian is a great help.”


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